Model for the Bible Study Leaflet

The study leaflet provides in narrative form a commentary on the Bible passage. It is basically a Bible story. Whereas the drama is a story based on the Bible passage incorporating plausible situations to help tell the story, the Bible study leaflet is simply the retelling of the Scripture passage in story form. There is nothing made up in the leaflet; it is true to Scripture in every detail.

We have designed the Bible study leaflet to be basically a Bible story because everyone loves stories. Jesus did not follow the sermonic model most preachers use today. Rather, He told stories. And the people listened. They loved them. And they remembered the stories He told. In fact, most of the Bible is in narrative form, that is, stories.

Oral cultures in many parts of the world rely almost exclusively on stories for the transmission of their history and life experiences. Missionaries have rediscovered the effectiveness of using Bible stories. Conveying the truths of Scripture in story form makes a lasting impression upon the reader/listener. Bible stories are easy to remember. And they are a great aid when the person wants to share the truths he/she has learned with someone else.

Purpose of the Bible Study Leaflet

  • The study leaflet is serious Bible study.
  • The study leaflet is evangelistic. It helps the reader to make a commitment to Christ.
  • The study leaflet leads to discipleship. It helps the reader to grow in Bible knowledge and Christian living.
  • We envision that the Bible study leaflets will not be throwaway pieces similar to Sunday School quarterlies in the United States. They will be attractively printed in both leaflet and booklet format to encourage the person to keep them. We envision these study leaflets and booklets becoming a mini-set of commentaries for pastors and other church leaders in various countries. The study leaflets and booklets may be the only Christian library some persons will ever possess.